Tampines… Why so kiasu?

Tampines… Why so kiasu?

Did you know? Tampines was crowned Most Kiasu Town in Singapore based on an inter-town poll conducted by supermarket chain Giant. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. We are apparently the most kiasu people in the entire country.

The notion of kiasuism in Singapore is almost iconic, and for Tampines to emerge at the forefront of this phenomenon, it is indeed an achievement worth popping open a bottle of champagne for. Why, you may ask? Let’s hear it from Tampines residents ourselves!

Are we not the most technologically advanced estate?

Check out these cool gadgets around your neighbourhood!

  • Even the mamak shop at your HDB void deck has gone high tech. The Ma2 Shop is a cluster of vending machines at Block 143 Tampines Street 12, which sells a variety of products ranging from household provisions to ready-to-eat meals.
  • What can make you feel like we are living in the future right now? Come dine at the Happy Hawkers coffee shop at Block 872C Tampines Street 86, where you can find self-ordering kiosks, an automated tray return system, and even a floor cleaning robot!

First for everything

20 Consolation.jpg
  • Our Tampines Hub is the first integrated lifestyle destination in Singapore. There’s nowhere else on this island that you can enjoy a wide range of activities and facilities while connecting with fellow residents within your very own heartland.
  • Tampines, the first regional centre to be built in 1992. Now, more than 20 years later, we have become the most established out of all the regional centres.
  • Introducing the first mall in Singapore to launch a wildlife-themed rooftop playground! Collaborating with ACRES, Tampines 1 aims to educate our young ones on the importance of wildlife conservation through experiential play. Best of all? Entrance is free.
  • Guess which is the first regional library in Singapore that was opened on 3 December 1994? It is none other than our very own Tampines Regional Library. Not only that, but since moving to Our Tampines Hub in 2017, the library has been the first in Singapore to feature a culinary studio and an indoor playground on its premises. There’s no other library cooler than ours.


How else does Tampines exhibit ‘kiasuism’ in a way that no other town does?

  • Nothing beats having THREE shopping malls clustered together in the heart of Tampines. Located just beside the MRT station and bus interchange, the trio provides a holistic shopping experience for all.
  • Not one, but THREE MRT stations! For a long time, Tampines has been undeserving of a single MRT station surrounded by three large commercial malls. But now, we’ll never be late for work or school again.
  • We are Singapore’s very first cycling town.Residents in Tampines were the FIRST to have dedicated cycling paths under the National Cycling Plan, which connect various amenities. Getting around our beautiful town is such a breeze!


  • Tampines is home to over 34 major religious institutions, including the second largest mosque in the country (Masjid Darul Ghufran), one of the oldest temples in Singapore (Soon Hin Ancient Temple) and a church well-known for its unusual interior design (Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity). Our heritage and traditions are kept alive with the vibrant religious landscape here in Tampines.
  • According to the Department of Statistics, Tampines has 152,400 resident working persons, the second-highest in Singapore. Kiasu? We think you mean achievement-oriented.
  • Tampines is the third largest new town in Singapore by area, covering over 2089 hectares of land and also is the third most populated new town, following Bedok and Jurong West. We’re a huge and beautiful town – it is no wonder everyone wants to live here!
  • Where else in Singapore can you experience the kampung spirit as vivid as it was back in the old days? Only at Tampines, with Singapore’s very first neighbourhood community fridges! Sharing is caring, and Tampines residents are a big-hearted bunch.
  • Breaking another record is the inclusion of Singapore’s first bicycle bay, and first 24-hour McDonald’s drive-thru for cyclists at a newly reopened Shell petrol station! A wonderful treat for the active cycling community in Tampines indeed.
  • Tampines West was one out of three lucky areas in Singapore selected to be part of the Wolbachia project. Aimed to gain a further understanding of the behavior of mosquitoes in our urban environment, it is truly an honor to be part of this important study.
  • Have you heard of void deck community cafes? Well, the special feature of the one at Block 839 is that food is served FREE and nothing is sold! Many older residents often gather there for a neighbourly potluck.
  • Also, Tampines is the first and only town to be conferred World Habitat Award in 1991. What an honor, to be recognized internationally as a new and outstanding human settlement project to be served as examples for others to follow! We can’t be prouder to be residents of Tampines.
Being kiasu at heart is integral to the Tampines identity as the vibrant, exciting and alive town it is. Because we are kiasu, we are active. We participate in different activities held around the estate, from exciting community events to seemingly mundane supermarket shopping. This really changes the atmosphere of the neighbourhood, bringing Tampines to life.
— Winfred Tan, 23
The ‘kiasu’ in us is the competitive spirit that allows Tampines to continue to strive to become a better town for its residents. That’s why our beautiful town is always constantly upgrading and improving in terms of facilities and services.
— Apple Koh, 47
Every morning, Tampines residents start queueing for free newspapers 15 minutes before they are given out at 7am. Then we ‘bounce’ to Pasir Ris so we get a seat. I think this creates a nice, self-regulating ecosystem whereby people initiate orderly queues and maximize their MRT train fares.
— Eugene Kay, 24
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