More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye

Faces of Tampines

Tampines Town Council’s 2018 Photo Contest 

Every now and then, a good heart-warming story is all you need to get you going; and last year, we wanted to give residents just that by celebrating our heroes without capes!

Tampines Town Council’s annual photo contest returned in August 2018 with a challenging theme “Faces of Tampines”, which encouraged participants to go beyond the surface. Participants had to feature inspiring individuals that have made a difference to their lives or others’. 

Hundreds of photographs, accompanied by tales of gratitude and contentment, filled our inbox – way to go, Tampines! – giving our judges, Mr Alex Siew, Mr Ben Lau and Mr Noor Azhar Mohamed, a pretty tough challenge in return to shortlist the best few. 

Congratulations to all the winning shots! Photos from the contest have been published in Tampines Town Council’s Desktop Calendar 2019: Singapore Bicentennial Edition

Our Winners

1st Prize 

The small shop, Scissorplus Barber, located at 139 Tampines Street 11, may look like your typical barbershop at first glance, but to me it is a place of memories. It was the first place I had my haircut at, and in my childhood, it became one of the most memorable places for me. The barbershop’s uniqueness can also be found in the large collection of vintage Coca-Cola bottles carefully displayed within that small space. Moreover, it is one of the first few barbershops of Tampines! Opened in 1983, and still entirely unchanged till this day. Truly a gem of Tampines! 

2nd Prize 

Mohd Zakaria from Bangladesh who has worked here 7 days a week for 2 years, giving an enthusiastic thumbs-up indicating he is happy to be working on a Sunday. On this day when most people would be spending time in bed, he is out and about working with tireless vigour – all in an effort to ensure that Tampines Green lives up to her name. We thank you, Mr. Mohd Zak!

3rd Prize 

It is a bustling Sunday morning at Tampines N8. Mr Mohd Ali is up bright and early. He is busy going around cleaning the neighbourhood. Hardworking Mr Mohd Ali hails from Bangladesh. Kudos to our foreign workers for their hard work every day in helping to keep our Tampines home clean and liveable! 

Merit Prize 


Uncle Heng has been running his pet fish business for 36 years, ever since his wife started it in 1982. He took over the shop more than a decade ago after she passed away, and is continuing to keep her dream alive today. I have been buying my pet fishes from him for a few years now, but I am aware of the declining interest in rearing pet fishes amongst young people nowadays. Instead, they go for exotic aquatic animals that cannot be found in the common neighbourhood pet fish shop. Despite the decline in business, Uncle Heng is still there with his fishes as he always has been, and his constant presence in my life as a Tampines resident is reassuring.


The little garden at the Tampines Green Park is open to green-fingered residents to grow their plants, vegetables or fruit trees. While many do play their part in maintaining the garden, this aunty is a regular. One can find her here almost every day, carefully tending to the greens in the garden. She is a living example of someone who believes in a clean and green society, and I admire that about her.


Teacher Cheryl was the class teacher for my daughter, Ameris, when she was 3. With several years of experience working in a Tampines Preschool, she became a role model for Ameris, who adopted many desired behavioural attributes and developed a sense of motivation from Teacher Cheryl’s engaging lessons. We were greatly reassured knowing that our daughter was in good hands, and this allowed us to concentrate on our respective careers with a peace of mind. Teacher Cheryl is indeed a blessing to our family! Although she has since left the organisation, our strong teacher-child-parent relationship did not end. Ameris is 5 now and we still continue to keep in close contact, meeting up regularly for various activities around Tampines. Tampines is our Home, Truly!


I’m always greeted by their lovely smiling faces when I head down to satisfy my wanton mee craving. Ah Long and his wife Zeng Hui opened their stall about two years ago and every morning before the sun rises, they would already be up preparing for the day’s business. Running a stall next to the famed Tampines Round Market is not easy at all and their passion and positive mindset truly inspires me.


Even though handling customers can be challenging, Ms Febarlin loves her job. She would literally tell you excitedly that she does. She’s been working at Tay Cycle in Tampines for almost 7 years and when someone is passionate with what they are doing, it shines through their communication with others. Her passion inspires me to go after my dreams because when you have found your calling, nothing can tear you down.


Mr Lim has been staying at Tampines Courtview Blk 731 for more than 20 years now. He started planting small potted plants, flowers and shrubs to beautify the area and slowly he grew his garden to include a larger variety of flowers and even fruit trees like chiku, starfruit, lime, mango, papaya, strawberries, etc. When the fruits have ripened, Mr Lim would share the harvested fruits with his neighbours. What makes Mr Lim special is also his Go Green mentality which led to him to use recycled materials to create garden structures, and utilising used tea or coffee powder as fertiliser. As I live near his block, I often visit and listen to Mr Lim share personal stories, new findings, plants or harvests. It’s such a joy to have neighbours like Mr Lim around, and I’m ever so grateful for his presence. His contributions to adorn our Tampines common garden create a wonderful living environment not just for himself but for all residents at Tampines Courtview.


I may not know his name, but he is fondly known to many of us as simply ‘Uncle’. Reserved, soft-spoken and a man with a big heart, Uncle is a familiar face in the estate that we see almost every day. Boss by day, ah-gong by night, he is very much loved and cherished by the residents.


Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. This is Gloria Lim studying and working hard in her Tampines home after a long day of school. The Chongzheng Primary School student understands the importance of learning, as she diligently completes her school homework every night in preparation for a bright future ahead.


Ani is the friendly auntie at Round Market who I have been saying hello to for many years now. She has a little tailoring stall that also sells various items like clothes and books. She has been providing tailoring services to Tampines residents for nine years now, and she always looks like she is having a great time living and working here.


Say hello my daughter, Annabeth! This cutie is my #2 and she has brought me so much joy and positivity every day. Annabeth loves running and releasing her little bundles of energy at Our Tampines Hub, so you could often find her having fun at either the Eco Garden or the running tracks.

Appreciating the true heroes of Tampines

Appreciating the true heroes of Tampines

OTH ushers in 2019 with all-day festivities!

OTH ushers in 2019 with all-day festivities!